Catering service in Florence
for companies and events

Chiosco di Mare offers a variety of proposals for catering services for companies and private events.

Florence Catering : let's bring something new!

The Chiosco catering offers various seafood options, tasty and quick products to be eaten buffet-style or seated in street food style. Dishes dedicated to all the needs of companies and private individuals to give a touch of uniqueness and novelty to their event.


Let's bring the Chiosco's seafood flavour to your company! The finger food proposal in Florence with sandwiches, mini tacos and the iconic gambrioche: tasty ideas, easy to eat and perfect to impress your customers and colleagues.

Want to colour your private event? Choose the Chiosco di Mare catering, mini tacos, seafood schiacciate and the unique flavour of seafood lampredotto that will make your guests fall in love!

Chiosco di Mare offers quick and tasty cuisine based on fish, shellfish and molluscs. The Chiosco's menu perfectly complements and complements the range of local and international street food festivals and events!

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